Why so much spam

I don't consider this to be a high traffic blog. It's far from it with only small amount of traffic. Spam however perplexes me. The amount of automated comments regarding illicit drugs and "Payday loans with no credit check" this blog receives is astonishing. Read on

Writen by Zeyphros on 6th Sep, 2017

Computer science and the art of the problem

Computer science is a subject which is dear to my heart. It's a subject which I have grown up with while never having the ability to take it. My father, a computer scientist working in the field of the semantic web, introduced me to programming at age 7. Denying to help me, I started experimenting by myself. Developing problem-solving skills which I find others to be lacking. Read on

Writen by Zeyphros on 3rd May, 2017

Ignorance to facts

Not knowing today is a signal of ignorance. Not willing to know is the definition of ignorance. I never understand how one person can allow themselves to ignore the information provided by another. Especially in the modern world, with the ability of instant retrieval of information through the internet. Read on

Writen by Zeyphros on 22nd Feb, 2017

Design is hard

Design is hard. It's not something which can be completed in a day, yet many take it for granted. The world we around us. It's nothing more then a design by someone else. The phone you're holding, the song your listening too, the headphones you're wearing, the website your reading. It was all designed for the consumption by others. Read on

Writen by Zeyphros on 21st Jan, 2017

Time says nothing

Time is something which doesn't reinforce your quality. Your experience and ability present your quality. Stop hiding behind the time you have spent doing it and instead present the quality of the time quality of your time. Read on

Writen by Zeyphros on 21st Jan, 2017

Teens don't have a clue about IT

Many teachers and parents believe the younger generation know more about technology and “computers” then their own generation. They believe the teens of today know more about computers because we grew up with them, we have always used them and use them for almost every task. Read on

Writen by Zeyphros on 26th Sep, 2016