Teens don't have a clue about IT

Many teachers and parents believe the younger generation know more about technology and “computers” then their own generation. They believe the teens of today know more about computers because we grew up with them, we have always used them and use them for almost every task. Read on

Writen by Zeyphros on 26th Sep, 2016


Most schools don’t teach computer sciences, at least computer science lessons which are worthwhile for the students. From the very beginning, many students are perplexed by how computers work. Read on

Writen by Zeyphros on 23rd Mar, 2016


Breaking and fixing stuff. Please download and install your updates, unless your on windows. Then just upgrade to something better Read on

Writen by Zeyphros on 19th Mar, 2016


Wires: The epiphany of human development. Lets get rid of them Read on

Writen by Zeyphros on 18th Mar, 2016