UWC and the problem with its target

This is a somewhat different topic to what I usually write about. UWC is a series of schools with the mission of uniting the worlds cultures. It attempts to allow students to understand the differences of cultures and countries. The organisation allows students to learn directly from other students from those countries. This post will enrage some, some will consider it ignorant and some will consider it outright irresponsible to even post this. This is simply the view of one DP day student on the values of the UWC mission and how it fails in almost every way possible. There is a major problem regarding the target student group of the schools. It prides itself in bringing together people of different cultures, economic and educational backgrounds, especially persons from cultures/countries who are currently at conflict. The problem however is, students from these country either cannot pay, or do not have the educational background to be able to attend these colleges. There a variety of ways to get into a UWC collage, these include the scholarship program or paying full price directly to the school. While full scholarships are possible, they are very rare and as these are private boarding schools, tuition fees are high. Due to this, it is simply impossible for many students to attend these schools from the target audience simply because of the lack of funds. Another major problem is the educational background required to start the IB DP program used in the schools. The DP program is a common alternative to the AP course in American highschools and is much more demanding. If students from a developed first world country have academic issues with the work in IB DP, how are students with almost no educational background supposed to complete the course? It's simply not possible. This is an issue due to the lack of education in many countries which UWC is targeting. If the target students of the school aren't the students attending the school, then who attends these schools? Students who can pay ofcourse! While the schools do attract students from many different cultures, countries and economic backgrounds, the students who usually attend these schools are in no way or form coming from undeveloped socioeconomic regions. They will need an education background, and they will need the ability to pay. Some students do get a full scholar ship but these cases rare. The mission of these school are skewed. They are broken to a point where it will never work in its current execution. The idea is great, the execution is beyond abysmal.
Writen by on 19th Sep, 2017