Design is hard

Design is hard. It's not something which can be completed in a day, yet many take it for granted. The world we around us. It's nothing more then a design by someone else. The phone you're holding, the song your listening too, the headphones you're wearing, the website your reading. It was all designed for the consumption by others.

But yet, people believe it to be easy. When you see the wide range of designs available, you will always see a design which has failed. A design unworthy of it's audience, unworthy of it's context. This cannot be avoided. Perfect design is impossible, but good design is. One cannot create something without an audience in mind, or a context in which it will be displayed. A website for pre-school children cannot be used for high-school students. A font for pre-school children cannot be used for advertisement purposes of insurance companies.

Look at comic sans. It's a great font, but has been overused in inappropriate contexts. Its been designed for casual interfaces, comics books and children, not for formal emails, documents or logo designs. Not to mention that the font is copyrighted by Microsoft and not free for use without purchase.

Choosing random colors with an easy to read font is not good design. Design is not only solving problems. It's an art in itself. With the wide color range, and large selection of fonts for different purposes, choosing the best one may not be easy. Using your favorite color or favorite font will not always work. This is what makes it hard. For different purposes you will need to change designs. Create new solutions for different problems.

So please, stop saying design is easy.

Writen by on 21st Jan, 2017