Ignorance to facts

Not knowing today is a signal of ignorance. Not willing to know is the definition of ignorance. I never understand how one person can allow themselves to ignore the information provided by another. Especially in the modern world, with the ability of instant retrieval of information through the internet.

Now I am stuck with a project, for school, which was chosen forcefully for me due the lack of information about contemporary problems surrounding the internet, or more specifically "Net Neutrality". Sure one might argue that the "Right to report" is a problem, but as it stands, the internet is the number one source of information and news. When Net Neutrality dies after only being a year in effect, the ability to view news on the internet, relevant and reliable news, may be compromised. At this point, in my opinion, the right to report is irrelevant as the news cannot be spread.

The reason for which I am writing this may be wrong, or skewed to a point where I am ignoring the simple fact of people able to publish news. The point I, however, wish to enforce here is not. Not willing to know is simply the ignorance of facts.

Writen by on 22nd Feb, 2017