Teens don't have a clue about IT

Many teachers and parents believe the younger generation know more about technology and “computers” then their own generation. They believe the teens of today know more about computers because we grew up with them, we have always used them and use them for almost every task.

This simply isn’t true. The teens of today might have grown up with technology, but this is not a reason that we know how to use it. The teens of today, might know how to use the latest app for android and iOS, but fail to understand what android or iOS even is.

This generation of teens, knows how to use Windows and OS X, but the general use includes installing and launching applications from technology giants. It does not include the knowledge what happens under the hood, or even know what all the settings mean in the settings menu.

When you explain what happens under the hood, they will ignore you. When you tell them what a certain setting probably does, they will ignore you. They most likely won’t care about the operation of their system. All they need it to do is run any version, doesn’t matter how old that version is, of their favorite application. When they can’t run their favorite application they will buy a new device. Why? Because making it work is to much work.

Thankfully to all the modern TV shows including every single show about hacking, especially “Scorpion“, you cannot get by with using a terminal without being called a hacker. Green text with a black background is the norm, right? No. Using green text on a black background is not only obnoxious but also hard to read. If at all the norm is white text on a black background or white on black.

Why do the teens of today think this? Because simply, they don’t care. All they want is a computer that works, and that runs their text messaging, anti-privacy and social media apps. They think that Linux is for hackers, that OS X is premium users and windows is what everybody else uses.

Teachers and parent need to understand that their children and students don’t know how to use a computer. They might know how to use the popular social media sites, but that’s being able to use the popular social media tool, but not how to actually use a computer. So please, could all teachers and parents stop complimenting the idea that their students and children know how to use a computer better then they do themselves.

Writen by on 26th Sep, 2016